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/Hong Kong Team

Who are we?

Project Access is a non-profit organisation that helps aspirational youths apply for Oxbridge.

We realize that in Hong Kong, there is a huge number talented students who have never considered pursuing their higher education overseas, mainly due to a lack of resources and financial support.

We hope by providing these students with personal mentorship and the right information, they would be able to exploit their full potential and excel in their academic endeavors.

What do we do?

  1. Provide information on what makes a successful Oxbridge application, scholarship application processes as well as student life here at Oxbridge.
  2. Pair up every student with a subject-specific mentor and a scholarship mentor.

Subject-specific mentors will:

    • Provide a reading list
    • Give advice and help tailor your personal statement
    • Help you with your aptitude test preparation (N.B. Not all subjects have an aptitude test)
    • Prepare you for your interview by holding mock interviews with you and giving you tips and tricks to impress your interviewers

Scholarship-specific mentors will:

    • Discuss all scholarships available for you, and give advice on the application process
    • Prepare you for your interview by holding mock interviews with you and giving you tips and tricks to impress your interviewers


If you are…

  • Aged 16 or above;
  • A S5-S6 student, or an existing Year 1 university student, or taking DSE/GCE/A-Level/IB exams early; and
  • Want to apply and start an undergraduate course at Oxford or Cambridge University in 2018-2019


1. Sign Up Now

Sign up now by clicking the left button!

2. Additional Form

Fill in an additional form

3. Aptitude Test

Complete an Aptitude Test (for certain subjects*)

*These subjects include: Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Classics, English, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies, Computer Science, Economics & Management, Engineering Science, English, European and Middle Eastern Languages, Geography, History, Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS), Human Sciences, Law, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Philsophy and Theology, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Physics, Psychology (including Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics), Religion and Oriental Studies, Veterinary Medicine

To Note:

  • Due to a limited number of mentors, we cannot provide everyone with mentorship. Priority will be given to local school students taking DSE curriculum and students from less privileged backgrounds

Mentor Recruitment!

If you are currently studying at Oxbridge (both undergraduates and postgraduates), and are interested in joining us to make a change, please sign up here to be our mentor!

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