September 2017 – Join Us!

/September 2017 – Join Us!

Become part of a movement! (apply below)


Looking to kick off the school year with a new challenge? We’re recruiting game changers to level the playing field in higher education. It’s a tall order, we know — but as a mover and shaker in one of the world’s fastest-growing non-profit education startups, we’ll give you the tools to lead on a range of initiatives, build teams, develop partnerships, and champion results.

Are you:

  • The type of person that thrives on building from the ground up to create real impact?
  • Prone to doing things first, and asking for permission later? (Don’t be shy — that’s how we got here!)
  • Energised by fast-paced, collaborative working environments?
  • Looking to build your CV with hands-on work experience, alongside colleagues from top universities and organisations such as McKinsey, JP Morgan, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations?

We’re not looking for specific backgrounds — we’re looking for specific people. And we’re excited to hear why you’re the right fit.

What am I getting myself into? A thriving social and professional network of volunteers from world-class universities, as well as private, public, and non-profit organisations!

We’re asking for 3 to 4 effective hours of your time per week. If you decide to commit more time and perform exceptionally, you’ll quickly move up to a leadership role, helping to set the direction of our global non-profit.

Our project cycle starts now (in September 2017) and ends in June 2018. This timeframe gives you the time and space you’ll need to deliver results and show continuity on your CV. It’s the perfect engagement for those looking to add a challenging yet highly rewarding merit to your portfolio!

Sounds great! How do I sign up? Apply below by Friday, 6th October 2017 to apply. We’ll get in touch with shortlisted candidates for an interview to see how we can create a working experience that checks your boxes as well as ours.

Opportunities Are you…
Country Team … a champion for your country, keen on widening the education horizon for those with fewer opportunities?

Your role could range from outreach to content, partnerships, or events depending on your Country Team’s strategic priorities, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll be flexing your creativity and understanding of the unique situation at home to widen higher education access for your fellow citizens.

Choose from one of our 20 active Country Teams: Armenia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Are you from elsewhere? We still want and need you! We’re on the lookout for the right expansion opportunities; please also check out the roles we have available on our central team, below.

Product … a structured and strategic thinker, keen to reach thousands of applicants with the best application tips (technical or not!), as well as personal stories of students who have made it?

The Product team is working on a groundbreaking intelligent email prototype that depends on a sharp understanding of people and an interest in how they interact with products. You’ll also feed into this by supporting on stories, video, and knowledge production.

Corporate Sponsorship … a silver-tongued, strategic thinker with a knack for spotting opportunities that can bring value to companies as well as our cause?

You’ll be in charge of seeking out win-win ways to offer our mentors unique benefits, as well as funding our quest to be the most impactful access scheme in the world.

Mentor Engagement … a team builder with a knack for understanding what makes different people tick — and how to bring out the best in them?

You’ll be in charge of rallying our legion of dedicated mentors through team engagement initiatives.

Mentor Curation … an intuitive ‘people person’ who likes to think about the things that make relationships thrive? Are you well acquainted with the difficulties that nontraditional applicants face when applying?

You’ll be responsible for strengthening the systems we use to match applicants and mentors of different personalities, backgrounds, and motivations.

Marketing … a strategic communicator keen on driving new ways to tell our story?

You’ll build up the tools and expertise needed to identify, reach and inspire our target audiences with our cause — and the impact we continue to make.

Research … a hawk-eyed analyst that cares deeply about evidence, and how we can use it to drive long-term change in the global higher education landscape?

In addition to working on research, interviewing our mentors and applicants, and data analysis, you’ll build up and lead our academic advisory board. You’ll also gain hands-on experience with impact evaluation in laying the groundwork for our first-ever randomised control trial.

Campus Director … from the United Kingdom, and based at Cambridge, Imperial, KCL, LSE, Oxford, or UCL? Are you a nimble networker that thrives on face-to-face engagement, as well as uniting people for a good cause?

You will pioneer the mobilisation of the entire student community at your campus, opening up your institution to those who are disadvantaged in the application process — and make tons of new connections on your way!


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