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We work to widen access to top universities

Mentor Network

Through Project Access’ peer-to-peer mentor network, we match talented applicants with current students at the world’s best universities. Our mentors provide applicants with information, application feedback and support throughout the application process. Some mentors even go beyond this, and act as role models for high school students in their own country or community by giving talks and doing outreach workshops to inspire and support underprivileged students applying for top universities.

They have done it – so can you!


Explore our online curriculum – the one-stop information platform that has all the information you need to start working on your application. We have created and collected the best advice on everything from choosing the right university, navigating your new life in college, acing admissions tests, writing your essays and personal statements, and figuring out financial aid.

All of it created has been created by students at some of the world’s leading universities.

On-Campus Support

We are setting up on-campus chapters at our target universities to help you make the transition to university upon arrival. If your mentor is at the university you end up going to, you can even meet up with them in person when you get there! 

We work with student organisations, university staff and current students to host pre-arrival webinars and keep in touch with our applicants from orientation to graduation!


Project Access serves high-achieving, non-traditional, passionate students!


We target students with competitive academic qualifications towards top universities. In some countries we have official requirements. For U.S. applicants applying for mentors, we require that students have a GPA of 3.5 or above, and an ACT or SAT score in 90th percentile or above. In other countries, we also rely on local partners in addition to academic qualifications. In Denmark, for example, we work with the Academy for Talented Youth to identify applicants.


As conditions vary in the countries we work, our national teams identify selection criteria for applicants. In the U.S., we target high school seniors with family income below $80,000. In the U.K., we target sixth-form students who meet one or more of the following criteria: 1) attend a state-maintained schools; 2) are eligible for meal-vouchers; 3) have a household income below £25,000; 4) live in the bottom 2 POLAR postcodes, and/or 5) are first-generation students.


We believe that passion and potential should define your future! That’s why Project Access is committed to be forever free of charge. While we do have criteria for the underserved students who are eligible to be matched with a mentor, anyone – regardless of background or academic qualifications – can access our Curriculum or sign up to Our Newsletter, for free, from anywhere in the world.

The average admissions rate is 8.05%

at Ivy League schools

Project Access applicants had a 23% admissions rate

to top universities last year

Only 27 out of the 2,500 undergraduates

that were admitted to Oxford University in 2016 were black

Less than 14% of students at Ivy League schools

come from low-income backgrounds

58% of our successful applicants last year

came from low-income families

Project Access applicants had a 64% admissions rate

when they met more than twice with their mentor